Friday, February 22, 2013

Cypress Bench: Villa dei Pini - Garden 2

Patrizia Traverso viewing the bust of James Heffernan ('11)

Bruce McClure, Ileana Pop

Ileana Pop, James Heffernan ('11)

Bruce McClure, Ileana Pop

Arthur Gottschalk

Arthur Gottschalk, Bruce McClure

In the spring of 2012 Steve Bull installed 50 augmented reality busts in the garden of the Villa dei Pini. Here are many snap shots taken from his iPad2 from that installation. The garden was divided into 9 areas: A welcome spot in front of the villa, and 1. Grotto, 2. Cypress Bench, 3. Gazebo, 4. Aloes, 5. Cactus, 6. Chalet, 7. Olive Trees Terrace, and 8. Succulents.


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